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Field & Fireside Reluctant Retriever Dummy
  • Field & Fireside Reluctant Retriever Dummy

    The Field & Fireside Reluctant Retriever Dummy is a training aid for dogs who need some encouragement to pick up a dummy. It also helps to encourage dogs to deliver straight to hand rather than running around with the dummy.


    The Reluctant Retriever Dummy has been designed to have the same look and feel of a traditional canvas dummy, so that dogs get used to picking up and carrying canvas, but it has a small 'pocket' at one end rather than a toggle. This is just big enough to fit small treats or kibble and closes with a velcro fastening.


    Meant for use over short distances, the dummy weighs only 120g (approx 1/4 lb) so is easy for dogs of any size to carry. It has been designed without a throwing toggle to encourage dogs to hold the dummy correctly in the middle. It can be used in conjunction with the LWDG Tennis Ball Wrap (small size) for dogs that love to retrieve tennis balls but are not keen on canvas.


    The Reluctant Retriever Dummy was designed in conjunction with Jo Perrott, founder of the Ladies Working Dog Group, and Claire Denyer, of Family Dog Services, who specialises in working with reluctant retrievers. 


    Manufactured in the UK by Field & Fireside. 

    • Instructions for use

      Place a training treat or kibble in the pouch and close the velcro fastening while the dog is paying attention to you. Throw or place the dummy as usual, sending the dog for the retrieve. When the dog delivers the dummy to you, reward them by opening the pouch and giving them the treat/kibble.  Once the dog is successfully delivering the dummy to you, transition over to normal canvas dummies. 

      You can view the instructional videos on our YouTube page at

    • Product specifications

      Weight: approx 120g

      Length: 28cm

      Made from tough cotton canvas with a waterproof inner filled with kiln dried woodshavings.

    Expected to be shipped within 7 days
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