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LWDG Tennis Ball Wrap
  • LWDG Tennis Ball Wrap

    The Tennis Ball Wrap was designed and tested by The Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG), in collaboration with Sporting Saint.


    Designed with reluctant retrievers in mind, the wrap can be attached to training dummies and brings a familiar feel of tennis balls. Ideal for dogs who love to retrieve balls but are not keen on canvas dummies. This is a great tool to help the dog transition to canvas and thanks to its clever design, can be attached to your existing dummies. It also encourages the dog to correctly hold the dummy in the middle.



    What Jo Perrott (founder of the LWDG) has to say about the tennis ball wrap

    Jo tested the wrap with her own 'reluctant retriever,' Ella, and has seen fantastic results.  Jo said " Ella loves hunting down those bouncy green balls but never seemed to have the same enthusiasm for canvas dummies. This new wrap has added so much joy to our training sessions and has made them even more fun for both of us. This new wrap allows us to turn any dummy into a tennis ball, it's like a match made in heaven".


    Available in two sizes


    Small 6.5cm x 27cm for 1/2lb dummies

    Large 8cm x 29.5cm for 1lb dummies


    Sold as the wrap only

    • The LWDG

      At the end of 2015, a group of ladies got together on Facebook with one goal in mind – to provide training support and community friendship for female gundog owners everywhere. The Ladies Working Dog Group was born, and they have been on a journey ever since! 


      About Jo Perrott, Founder of The Ladies Working Dog Group

      The Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG) began as a personal journey to increase my own confidence in both life, and in working dog training. Through connecting with other women in the dog world, I quickly realized that I wasn't alone in sometimes feeling intimidated or unsure.

      Thanks to the support and encouragement of my late dad, who instilled in me a passion for working with dogs, I had the inspiration and drive to create a space where women could come together to share experiences and support one another in our shared love of working dogs.I decided to create the Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG) as a safe space for us to share our experiences.

      Since its creation, LWDG has grown to become a community of over 7500 members, all connected by our passion for training and working with our four-legged companions. The LWDG wouldn't exist without the dedication and unconditional love shown by my dad and his incredible dogs throughout the years. My own dogs have also played a crucial role in my own personal growth and confidence, serving as constant sources of joy and comfort as I've faced 13 years of dealing with a brain tumour.

      The LWDG is a celebration of the powerful bonds we form with our dogs and the strength we can find through those relationships. It's a tribute to my dad's lasting influence on both myself and this remarkable community of ladies who share his love of working dogs, and of being the supportive understanding friends we sometimes find lacking elsewhere.

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