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The front cover of the book The Thoughtful Dog Trainer by Joanne Perrott.
  • The Thoughtful Dog Trainer

    'The Thoughtful Dog Trainer' offers a unique blend of hands-on gundog training tips and personal growth techniques. Joanne Perrott, leveraging her extensive experience with dog owners and her understanding of human psychology, presents a guide that is as much about training the trainer as it is about training the dog.


    Jo delves into the mental hurdles you face and gives you a roadmap to help you build a stronger, more successful relationship with your dog. Drawing on her academic understanding of human psychology and her extensive experience with working dog owners, she guides you to cultivate the assertiveness you need to train the dog in front of you to be the dog you want. The Thoughtful Dog Trainer addresses the emotional, psychological, and practical aspects of dog training. 


    Jo will help you to train the dog in front of you to be the dog you want. This book is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their skills as a gundog owner and build a deeper connection with their dog.


    About the author

    Jo is the founder of The Ladies Working Dog Group, a respected contributor to the Gundog Journal, and host of the weekly podcast about working dogs 'Found It, Fetched It'. Joanne's personal journey of resilience and determination, including her fight against three brain tumours, has been a source of inspiration for many. Her book reflects this journey, offering readers not just training advice but also a guide to overcoming the mental and emotional challenges that come with training a working dog.


    Paperback. 220 pages.

    Publisher: Authors & Co.

    First edition, published in 2023.
    ISBN: 978-1915771407

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