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The front of a large game bag.
  • Large Game Bag

    A good quality, hardwearing purpose made game, dummy or tack bag.


    Will comfortably hold 15 x 1lb dummies plus your accessories, or more if you don't need it zipped shut. This multi functioning bag gives you the opportunity to train with all your desired training accessories, meaning all of your products are with you in one place, without the need to take a quick trip back to your car.


    • Big back mesh pocket for leads etc
    • Washable and removable inner liner inside the main body of the bag
    • Adjustable leather shoulder pad for comfort 
    • 2 zipped pockets at the back for keys, phone etc
    • Reinforced strap around the bottom of the bag to support the weight of dummies/accessories 


    Made by Sporting Saint.

    • Product specifications

      Colour: Olive Green.

      Size: 60cm x 45cm

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