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A packet of Lakse Kronch Pocket against a white background.
  • Lakse Kronch Pocket

    Lakse Kronch – Pocket is a grain free natural product, made from fresh salmon and potato.


    Named 'Pocket', because it does not rub off on your hands or in your pockets.

    The treats are naturally rich in the essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Salmon proteins have a high absorption rate and are very easy to digest. Lakse Kronch – Pocket is a healthy and tasty luxury treat in a class of its own. 


    We love this product as each piece can be broken up into smaller pieces which is great for training sessions. Dogs love the smell too, making this a really high value treat.


    Pack size: 600g

    Bag is resealable to ensure freshness.


    Feeding Guidelines

    Lakse Kronch – Pocket should not exceed 20% of your dog’s daily diet.

    • Analytical Constituents

      Composition – per 100g

      • Energy 513 kcal
      • Crude protein 31.5 g
      • Crude fat 35.1 g
        • of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 9576 mg
        • of which EPA 1018 mg
        • DHA 1588 mg
      • Crude ash 8.6 g
      • Water 7.0 g
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