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Kronch Pemmikan Bar

Kronch Pemmikan Bar

Kronch Pemmikan is a high energy supplement, comprised of the essential levels of fat, protein and glucose to provide almost instant usable energy in dogs. It replaces lost energy for active dogs - great for all working dogs, competitive sports and show dogs.


It has also proved successful in overcoming and preventing the effects of hypoglycemia in dogs worked under extreme conditions.


Kronch Pemmikan gives your dog large amounts of easily digestible energy from a small volume of feed, without overfilling the dog’s stomach and has proved useful in helping dogs recover from bouts of illness and operations. It is also very good in building up bitches after a litter of puppies.


Suitable for working dogs and guard dogs, Kronch Pemmikan fills your dog with energy and allows them to perform at a constant high level all day long. 


The effect of Kronch Pemmikan sets in after about half an hour and reaches its peak after about an hour and a half, because of this, it may be advantageous to divide the daily ration into many smaller portions.  Doing so allows your dog to perform at its best all day long.


Lactating females

Suitable for lactating females that produce too little milk for their young - it can help increase their milk production, and removes the need to bottle feed their puppies later on.  Also prevents weight loss in lactating females.  The lactating female is fed from half a piece to 4 pieces of 50g on a daily basis.  The amount fed depends on the dog’s breed, size, and the number of puppies it has.


Working/Show dogs

100 to 200 grams per day (depending on the dog’s weight and activity level before lunch) is fed to highly active working dogs, such as show dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, sledge dogs, police dogs, and dogs entered in competitions.  The daily ration is divided into 3 parts: morning, midday, and evening. It is recommended not to feed the female too many and/or too large portions, as doing so may lead to the female getting loose stools.


Pack size: 400g divided into 25g squares.

Packet is resealable.


  • Ingredients

    Lard, vegetable fat, fish meal, dextrose, corn, barley, brewer’s yeast and garlic. Kronch Pemmikan contains 24% protein and 59% fat.

  • Analytical Constituents

    Nutritional content per 100g

    • Energy 2485 kJ/600 kcal
    • Crude protein 24 g
    • Crude fat 59 g
    • Crude fibre 0,5 g
    • Crude ash 6,8 g
    • Water 4,1 g
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