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Keeper's Mix
  • Keeper's Mix

    Keeper’s Mix promotes all-round health, supporting vital organs and maintaining natural balance in your dog's body, as well as encouraging a thick and healthy coat. Ideal for all dogs as an all-round boostor to provide extra nutritional support for working dogs, animals performing at high levels or those experiencing physical demands.


    Dorwest's top-selling Keeper's Mix® dietary supplement is specially formulated using a blend of eight herbs. This supplement is perfectly balanced to provide natural antioxidants (to neutralise free radicals), vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds. 

    For dogs on raw diets, Keeper's Mix is a popular choice, with 100% herbal ingredients and nothing artificial-just pure, natural goodness.


    Which beneficial herbs are found in Keeper’s Mix®?

    Each herb in Keeper’s Mix contains active compounds that naturally support your dog’s health:

    Kelp Seaweed for minerals, coat growth and pigmentation. We recommend Keeper’s Mix® as a dog coat supplement, as the kelp seaweed encourages healthy coat growth.

    Celery Seeds for suppleness and free movement. It’s important to look afteryour dog’s joints, as sadly their joints can wear as they age.

    Lucerne, also known as alfalfa, a nutritious plant that is a source of vitamins A, C & K. This herb provides essential vitamins to promote your dog’s health.

    Nettle is rich in chlorophyll, iron and vitamin C.

    Rosemary is good for digestion and easing flatulence, and can help maintain a healthy heart.

    Psyllium for a healthy bowel and digestion-excellent for improving the digestion of both raw and commercial dog food.

    Clivers help to maintain good kidney and bladder function, and help maintain clear skin.

    Wild Yam is useful to maintain a healthy intestine.


    The visible benefits are clear to see with a wonderfully thick and healthy coat, good pigmentation and improved overall health.


    Tub size: 250g

    • Ingredients

      Active ingredients: Finely powdered kelp seaweed, celery seeds, lucerne (alfalfa), nettles, rosemary, psyllium husks, clivers and wild yam

    • Administration

      Give daily. Small dogs 1 measure, medium dogs 2 measures, large dogs 3 measures; giant breeds 4 measures (measure included in pack and equivalent to a half teaspoonful). Introduce gradually to the feed to improve acceptability.


      Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

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