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A blue Flinger Mid Sized Marking Dummy against a white background.
  • Flinger Mid Sized Marking Dummy

    This is the new Flinger Mid Sized Marking Dummy which has been designed, developed and tested by Sporting Saint in association with renowned gundog trainer Laura Hill of Stauntonvale Gundogs.


    1/2lb (approx. 250g) in weight.

    The perfect size and weight to throw for marked retrieves. Longer and thinner than the standard 1/2lb canvas dummy, enabling retrievers to hold them correctly. They are also ideal for spaniels being smaller in diameter and lighter than a standard dummy.


    The long throw rope with a good-sized round toggle really helps to get some height and distance when throwing. Available in blue or blue with a white PVC top.


    Please note, the PVC top dummy is suitable for land use only.

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