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Two micro hunting dummies, one orange and one green.
  • Field & Fireside Micro Hunting Dummy

    The Field & Fireside Micro Hunting Dummy is designed to help with hunting training.


    The dummy weighs 160g and measures only 10cm but is filled with sand so it really buries itself in grass or undergrowth. This means dogs really have to get their nose down and hunt for the dummy. It's small size means it is easy to pop in your pocket and use when out on a walk or use several in a training session.  Simply drop the dummy close to you when the dog isn't looking or in an area that you want the dog to hunt in.


    The Micro Hunting Dummy was designed in conjunction with Jemma Martin and Nicci Kenny of Whistle and Wag Dog Training, who specialise in working with spaniels in gundog training, scentwork and UK Dog Sport. 


    Available in green or orange (to aid marking for you but not the dog).


    Manufactured in the UK by Field & Fireside. 

    • Product specifications

      Weight: approx 160g

      Length: 10cm

      Made from tough cotton canvas with a waterproof inner filled with 100% non toxic play sand.

    Expected to be shipped within 14 days
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