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Ecohound Oceanex Medium Dog Waste Bags (375)
  • Ecohound Oceanex Medium Dog Waste Bags (375)

    A superior quality dog waste collection bag with easy tie handles.


    Each box contains 25 rolls of 15 bags which fit into your pocket or a standard sized dog waste bag dispenser. 


    An excellent quality, strong, opaque, medium/large poo bag. 15 microns in thickness with easy tie handles. 


    Oceanex - putting seashell waste to better use.

    Processing oysters for food leaves behind millions of tonnes of waste oyster shell which presents a major disposal problem in many coastal regions. Some is sold for aggregate or pharmaceutical products but much of it is put into landfill or thrown back into the sea. The powdered shell is now being used as a high polymer replacement in these bags, combined with 50% post consumer recycled plastic.

    • Product specifications

      Length: 36.5cm

      Width: 12cm

      5.5cm gusset on each side allows bag to open extra wide.

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