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A dog holding a bird which has the cold game wrap around it.
  • Cold Game Wrap

    Some dogs can be cautious when they are introduced to game and reluctant to pick it up. The canvas Cold Game Wrap acts as a transitionary aid, providing a familiar texture for the dog to hold while exposing the dog to game. 


    • Helps dogs to learn a central hold on game.
    • Provides a 'hold target' for dogs, helping them to balance the weight of the bird in their mouth.
    • Builds dogs' confidence on cold game.
    • Helps to transition from canvas to fur and feather in a gradual way, whilst still ensuring exposure to cold game.
    • Adjustable - the wrap can go over or under wings.
    • Encourages dogs to be soft mouthed on game, unlike tights/stocking material that dogs can easily prick. 
    • For use on all game birds - has been tested on birds ranging from woodpigeon to cock pheasants.
    • Can be washed and cleaned after use.


    The cold game wrap was designed by Holly-Jane Howell of Russetpeak Gundogs and is manufactured in the UK by Sporting Saint.

    • Product specifications

      Width approx 10cm

      Length approx 45cm

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