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Front view of the Camo Treat Bag.
  • Camo Treat Bag

    Made from top quality neoprene, this treat bag is one of the best performing on the market.  


    The bag is simultaneously open and closed providing instant access with no spills.  Simple yet effective, the award winning design means that treats don't fall out when the bag is turned upside down or when you are running.


    The quality carabiner will fit over any waistband or onto a pocket and sit flat against your body, or you can use it to attach the treat bag to your lead handle. Alternatively if you are taking part in a fast moving dog sport or out for a run, you can slide it on to a belt so the treat bag barely moves. 


    Made from 4mm thick neoprene (the sort that wetsuits are made from), the non-spill, quick access lid retains its shape and the grease and smell of treats can’t penetrate through the material.


    The bag is machine washable at 30 degrees so you can keep your treat bag fresh and free from bacteria.


    Made in Cornwall by Duck Soup Co.

    • Product specifications

      Overall height: 9cm

      Width: 10cm

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