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BioThane Steady Tab
  • BioThane Steady Tab

    A clip-on steady or 'grab' tab made from BioThane.


    Useful when teaching steadiness to thrown objects or distractions. The tab is easy to grab or lightly hold onto to stop the dog running in before you give the command/cue. Can also be used in heeling training - the tab gives the dog the feeling that it still has a lead on. 


    • The tabs are 18cm (7") long, including clip, and 1.6cm (5/8") wide.
    • Includes a ring on the tab so that you can clip another lead onto it.
    • Available in 3 colour options.


    BioThane is a durable and pliable synthetic coated webbing. Not only is it smooth and pliable like leather it is waterproof, odour and stain resistant, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.


    A quick wipe will remove any mud or grime and leave it looking as good as new.


    Handmade in the UK by Myrtle & Willow.

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