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The many uses for drying coats

Updated: Jun 27

Drying coats have become more and more popular over recent years and there are now many different styles on the market. While they are great for the obvious job of drying your dog after a walk in wet weather, they have many other benefits & uses all year round.

Labrador stood in front of a wooden door wearing a blue drying coat

1. Helping your dog have a stress-free Halloween, Bonfire Night & New Year’s Eve.

At this time of year there may be many occasions that are stressful for your dog if they fear loud noises, particularly fireworks. If this happens, wrap them up in their drying coat – like swaddling, it comforts them, keeps them warm & helps them to relax & sleep. Make sure you stay in with them & remain calm as they will be taking cues from you.

2. Keep their muscles warm when working.

Watch an athlete compete & you will notice they will keep themselves warm with extra layers of clothing during periods of inactivity. A drying coat is a great way of keeping your dog warm during lunch, at the end of a shoot day or after competing in a trial. Many people are now realising the benefit of keeping their dog warm or cooling it down gradually, helping to prevent muscle cramps or stiff joints.

3. Cooling a dog on a hot day.

Drying coats can be used damp for a period of 10 minutes to cool down a dog’s core body temperature. Just remember to refresh them regularly with cold water to prevent them from warming up.

4. Post-op.

Protect wounds and stitches while keeping a dog warm & comforted with a drying coat after an operation.

5. Keeping your vehicle mud & sand free.

Well, I say mud and sand free but if you have gundogs, it’s unlikely that your vehicle will ever be completely mud or sand free. Drying coats do minimise the mess however & are fantastic at both drying & collecting the mud/sand until you arrive home.

6. Bath/shower time.

The chances are you’ll need to bath or shower your dog at some point – whether that's a quick rinse of legs after a muddy walk, a shower down to remove salt water after a run on the beach or you’re the ‘proud’ owner of that determined dog that will find and roll in fox poo whenever it gets the opportunity. Drying coats are a great alternative to loads of back-breaking drying with towels – simply pop on the coat & let it do its work.

We recommend Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats, having used them for years. Ours have been put through their paces and are still going strong.

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