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Gundog SOS

Gundog SOS

Pre-order : released 30 April 2024


In Gundog SOS, respected trainer, judge and competitor Laura Hill takes an in-depth look at common mistakes and what can be learnt from them.


She looks at avoiding potential pitfalls in the first place, unpacks ‘bad behaviour’, analyses the relevance of the relationship between trainer and dog, and gives practical strategies for improvement in training partnerships.


Supported by illustrations, case studies and exercises, this essential resource comprehensively addresses the most frequently occurring training problems and provides workable solutions to help readers to improve or fix them.


Laura Hill is the founder and owner of Stauntonvale Gundogs. Laura is a former member of the England Gundog Team and competes in retriever and spaniel field trials and working tests, as well as working her dogs on local shoots. She is a field trial panel judge and has judged and trained in the UK, Europe and Japan. Laura has qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship numerous times and, to date, has made up eight Field Trial Champions. Her first book, Advanced Retriever Training, was published in 2020.


Paperback. 144 pages.

Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd

Release date: 30 April 2024
ISBN: 9780719843457

    Will be shipped as quickly as possible after release date.
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