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Advanced Retriever Training
  • Advanced Retriever Training

    In Advanced Retriever Training, experienced trainer, competitor and judge, Laura Hill, takes a holistic approach to training and living with working retriever breeds.


    Whether your aim is to reach competition level or simply to troubleshoot your training practices, this book is the ideal follow-on to the basic commands and handling skills already established.


    Insightful and in-depth coverage includes reanalysing the basic pillars of breeding, feeding and training; examining your own behaviour and the effect it has on your dog and identifying your dog's psychological needs and tailoring your training accordingly. Key approaches to successful retriever work with positive, reward-based methods are covered along with training planning and management. An advanced approach to training essentials, including heelwork, marking, blind retrieves and navigating barriers are discussed as well as establishing and maintaining an enjoyable partnership with your dog.


    This book will improve your handling as well as your overall approach to living and working with retrievers.


    Paperback. 160 pages.

    Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd

    First published in 2020. This edition published in 2022.
    ISBN: 9781785007552

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